Best Christmas present for small companies

Do you know someone who has just started a new company? I can assure you that they would love to have a website, so give it to them!

So how does it work?

Below you can purchase a website. After you purchased it you will get a template which you can edit and customize. After you customized it you can send or print it and give it to your friend or family member who it is for. They will be very happy and excited to finally get a nice website. On the template will be a code and a link. When they would like to receive the website they can go to the link, and put in the code in a form. Then they will give me all their texts, images and logo if they have one. The website will be made and  launched within a week. After the website is finished, they have the option to make changes to the website, add extra pages, or change or add anything else to the website. I will charge them an hourly rate of $50/hour for this.


In order for a website to work it will need to be hosted on a server. The price for the hosting is $85/yearly. I will take care of this for them. A website will also need a domain. A domain is the address of a website, like www.yourbusiness.com. The price for the domain is $30/year. The total cost for this will be $115/year. After you fill in the form below, you can choose to pay this for them every year, only pay for this the first year and let them pay for it the following years, or let them pay for it every year. If you choose one of the last 2 options, make sure to tell them about these costs so it won’t be a surprise.